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choreographic residencies and support

Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation Artist-in-Residence, September - December 2019

The Elizabeth Streb GO! Emerging Artist Commissioning Program at the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics, 2019 and 2016

Mount Tremper Arts, Subsidized Residency, 2019 and 2018

Fresh Tracks at New York Live Arts, Emerging Artist Commission and Residency Program, 2016-2017

Work Up at Gibney Dance, Emerging Artist Commission and Residency Program, 2015

Salem Art Works, Independent Artist Residency, 2015


selected Works / performances

Adjusted for Inflation

Two dancers are sealed inside of inflatable vinyl balls.  Over time, repeated gestures decay and germinate in correlation with the fatigue and exertion of the dancers, and the momentum of the balls.

structure monster | joy machine

An accumulating circular movement pattern gradually wears out its dancers.  The choreography is a windmill, a formal structure that generates power.  As the choreography's patterns pick up speed, and the dancers fatigue, they must, paradoxically, relax, softening into momentum, into the arms of the dance itself.  Then they fly. 

The dance churns softness into power.



Large group work.  Collective exhaustion produces ‘energetic unison’ despite radically different movement styles of up to nine performers.
























On the heroic/quixotic nature of trying to do something impossible​






The Bloodgates

On the psychotic nature of trying to do something impossible​






The Hard Way

On the comedic/tragicomic/quixotic nature of trying to do something impossible.  One performer is sealed inside of an inflatable vinyl ball.


DraftWork at Danspace Project; New York, NY — April 4, 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (Emerging Artist Commissioning Program showing); Brooklyn, NY — June 2019

New York Live Arts (Fresh Tracks residency showing); New York, NY — January 2017

Movement Research at the Judson Church; New York, NY — May 2016

Food for Thought at Danspace Project; New York, NY  January 2016

Under Exposed at Dixon Place Theater; New York, NY  September 2015

TINY DANCE Festival at The Brick Theater; Brooklyn, NY  December 2014

The Tank; New York, NY  November 2014 (Evening-length work)

The CURRENT SESSIONS presents: Issue IV, Volume II, at The Wild Project; New York, NY  August 2014

Check iT! Dance Festival: A Celebration of Female Choreographers, in Central Park; New York, NY  June 2014

New Voices in Live Performance at The Center for Performance Research; Brooklyn, NY — June 2014

SprINCUBATE at Soundance Studio Theater; Brooklyn, NY  May 2014

Crossing Boundaries at Dixon Place Theater; New York, NY  April 2014

Triskelion Arts; Brooklyn, NY  March 2014 (Half-evening-length work / Split Bill)

Movement Research at the Judson Church; New York, NY — February 2014

Post-Dance 3x3 atThe Panoply Performance Laboratory; Brooklyn, NY  June 2013

AUNTS: Chain Curation at St. Nick's Alliance; Brooklyn, NY  June 2013

The Chocolate Factory Theater Presents Sarah Maxfield’s THROW, curated in 2012-2013 by Lindsey Dietz Marchant; Queens, NY  February 2013


WAXworks at Triskelion Arts; Brooklyn, NY  January 2013 

selected press

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